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  1. seriously The Facebook certainly is the most superb social networking on the market, many people mentioned if it was a country it will become the third largest place on the planet earth. This really is amazing. with thanks with the excellent article.

  2. jaime dela pena says:

    very good

  3. Sharalyn says:

    I am assuming it’s not really up and working yet. The facebook link says it’s not available.

  4. admin says:

    I can assure you it is working =)

  5. justin says:

    its not working

  6. admin says:

    Justin, Tell us more… what exactly is not working.

    To Help you we nee to understand the steps you took while installing and afterwards.

  7. shawn says:

    tnx for this

  8. admin says:

    You are very Welcome

  9. Franco Sevilla says:

    I have a black Macbook running on OSX 10.5.8. When I try to install Facebook Video Calling an error message appears saying “Facebook installer has encountered an error …” What do I do?

  10. Chris Loh says:

    I still cannot see the ‘Get Started’ button in this page https://www.facebook.com/videocalling, the only thing i can see is “Video calling will be available soon
    Please check back later” by the way i’m using google chrome on pc vista. In addition, my frens have already call me as he has successfully install the plug-in and it work just fine. The problem here is I cant see the camera icon in my chat box. Pls help. thx

  11. ftp says:

    instructions not clear, just going around in circle; where’s the app to install?

    finally got a comment that video call feature to be available soon !!!

  12. admin says:

    Video chat is available allready since almost 2 weeks go to facebook.com/videocalling as explained in the instructions and download the app. Please make sure to only download from facebook itself. If you are not sure check our article about the fake app to make sure you are installing the right application.

  13. admin says:

    Yes there seems to be a problem with facebook at the moment. Me and a lot of people allready have Videochat installed. I think facebook will open it again in a few hours. Check back later and DON´T DOWNLOAD THE VIDEO APPLICATION ANYWHERE ELSE THEN FROM FACEBOOK ! There is going a fake application around.

  14. ftp says:

    i am in the same situation as that encountered by chris loh above. how soon will this problem be resolved?

  15. admin says:

    We don´t Know it yet we´re checking for a possibility to solve it for you , We will update as soon as we know more.

  16. I already downloaded it or install but when I click video call to my friends they always say I need a quick set up and I cancel because I will try again. After 10 tries I clicked yes. And it’s already installed. And I video call but it says again I need a quick set-up. What will I do?

  17. admin says:

    Hi Catherine,

    What Browser do you use ? Do you use a Mac or a PC ?
    Have you restarted your browser after the installation ? If yes, try to restart your Computer.

  18. ninox says:

    its not working

  19. admin says:

    Please tell us more about it. With your comment “int´s not working” we cant help you unfortunately…..

  20. jonas says:

    This game is awesome i love this game. Also thank you for the great tips you sended me to my email

  21. free cityville cash says:

    This game is great i love this game.

  22. Emeliza Fajardo says:

    im so disappointed…it’s not working!

  23. kyawkoko316 says:

    Thank you

  24. admin says:

    I am very sorry but I did not understand what you want. You need to go to http://facebook.com/videocalling. The start Button is there !

  25. ollie says:

    Not working. Here it says on the site:
    Video Calling
    Talk to your friends face to face.
    Video calling will be available soon
    Please check back later.

  26. admin says:

    You need to check back again Facebook only takes in a certain amount of people daily

  27. Rosalie Pornasdoro says:

    where is the videochat application?

  28. albert says:

    why is it when ever I set up my video call the installer suddenly close when its installing?

  29. admin says:

    Thats normal it means its done. Restart your browser and you are good to go =)

  30. albert says:

    but i still don’t have the icon on the upper portion of my chat window, i can only receive video call but i can’t start a video call because i don’t see any icon, i have already reinstall the setup several times, but still no icon

  31. Joffrey Ballad says:

    I already installed the videocall but why is it not appearing the icon on the chat box..

  32. Paula says:

    I try it and it says video chat not available yet, check back later………….. :(

  33. meyisha dane says:

    i cannot access my video call,please help

  34. meyisha dane says:

    it always say video chatwill be available sooo!!!!!!
    when is that soon, i want to have also my video chat.,.,.,

  35. allan says:

    not yet compcking
    leted with this just che

  36. admin says:

    Facebook Videochat is allready available, but from time to time they do a stop to take people in slowly so their servers don´t crash. Just check once a day and you will be able to use it in no time.

  37. Sunny says:

    I coudnt download the facebook video chat..

  38. Rosaline Rubete says:

    I tried video calling but will be available soon, come back later

  39. laurette caron says:

    ever time i try to downloaded video chat it always sends me to the web site and its say that video chat is not avaiable right now and to try again later

  40. tom says:

    still not working

  41. tom says:

    its been three days now as of aug 4th

  42. gilpert says:

    oki will check later@@@@@@@@

  43. Lei Apicella says:

    I thought I was able to install it because my cousin was the one who called me first then it prompt me to install it then after that, we were talking but I couldn’t hear him. I tried to use it the other day but I couldn’t find the app so I went to the link given to me yesterday which is the http://videochatfb.com then it says videochat is available pls check later..i restarted the browser and my laptop but it’s not there..until now, I can’t use it..the Icon videocall is not even there..

  44. Rosaline Rubete says:

    it says videochat will be available soon…need to come back later..

  45. Jenibelle says:

    Wow, this is in every repsect what I needed to know.

  46. naz says:

    cannot install videocall.it doesnt appear the video icon.

  47. sherwin says:

    how to down the facebookvideocalling?

  48. Noemi says:

    it’s not working,,,so many process to do and at the end,,,video calling not available

  49. MichelleR says:

    I have the same problem. I click on the link provided and see a message:
    Video calling will be available soon
    Please check back later.
    While at the same time, a friend will click on the same link and be able to download the application.
    I’ve also downloaded:
    Closed all browsers, went back in FB and still no call icon anywhere. It’s a mystery.

  50. admin says:

    The problem is that facebook only allows a few users per day to join Videocalling because they don´t want their servers to crash. So there is no other way then keep on checking back every day.

  51. naz says:

    tnx for warning,where can i get or download videocall apps

  52. sherwin says:

    its to hard to install

  53. bob olmstead says:

    Is the featuresetup on all accounts ? When my wife is on my laptop she gets the icon and everything runs fine…. when I sign onto my account nothing shows up. Is there an account setting or privacy setting I’m missing?

  54. sherwin says:

    ok thank for info

  55. mabel drazic says:

    I try to install but it doesn’t work

  56. Ashim mahat says:

    im not able to instal vedio chat plz tell me about it

  57. Ashim mahat says:

    ever time i try to downloaded video chat it always sends me to the web site and its say that video chat is not avaiable right now and to try again later

  58. Grace says:

    Installation didn’t work, please assist me.

  59. joe says:

    Installation didn’t work, please assist me

  60. admin says:

    Please subscribe to our notifier if you want to get the video chat as soon as possible.


  61. nabz murshad says:

    i already installed the vedio on my system. but no option is showned to to process and vedio calling is not working please help me.

  62. Kinda Worried says:

    My friend says that when she uses it, it sends out fake virus-a-fied requests in facebook chats…. Is it a virus or not? ):

  63. fatima says:

    i cannot access my videochat. please help me.

  64. fatima says:

    please help me to be installed my videochat setting.please do an action as soon as possible.thank you

  65. admin says:

    There is a Virus Application around but as long as you download it from facebook itself you are safe ( http://facebook.com/videocalling )

  66. alvhin jamisola says:


  67. Ma. says:

    accept me please

  68. Francisco Laya says:

    Not working

  69. Carmelia says:

    I installed the Facebook Video Chat but it’s not workin for me

  70. Carmelia says:

    Thank u very much

  71. admin says:

    You are very Welcome

  72. milagros burbano says:

    still not working

  73. Milan says:

    Thanks for the information.please help me i can’t access my videochat… how can i get or download this video chat ap…….

  74. admin says:

    Hey there. You need to go to http://facebook.com/videocalling

  75. admin says:

    I am sorry to tell you that need to keep on trying. Subscribe to our notifier to get informed when new slots are available

  76. admin says:

    Hello everybody. As one very big request we figured out an alternative way to download the Facebook Video Chat App.

    Please see this article for more :


  77. admin says:

    Hello everybody. As one very big request we figured out an alternative way to download the Facebook Video Chat App.

    Please see this article for more :


  78. admin says:

    Hello everybody. As one very big request we figured out an alternative way to download the Facebook Video Chat App.

    Please see this article for more :


  79. lenett hernandez says:

    i have no sign of
    video call icon

  80. lenett hernandez says:

    no sign of video call icon

  81. marvin agustin says:

    not working

  82. mhel says:

    i tried to install but still not install.thanks

  83. nouri says:

    dass ist sehr gut

  84. Michel says:

    Dont work

  85. mhona says:

    is not working

  86. rey agbayani says:

    video chat is not working?

  87. rey agbayani says:

    yes i install video call is not working

  88. krisbotones says:

    hi mga fiends

  89. claire says:

    i already installed fb video calling before but when i returned to “old chat box” style the application of video calling was gone and i cannot install it anymore

  90. Bobbi says:

    Okay I’m cvoninced. Let’s put it to action.

  91. gil says:

    I already downloaded it or install but its not working for me..only my friend bernardo can call me..if i am the one try to call to bernardo, no video call icon. what should i do.

  92. Filomena Da Costa says:

    I have tried and and I doze not work , it is driving me crazy, please help me .

  93. roxana says:

    no se por kw no puedo instalar para la video llamada cuando se esta instalando se desaparece ayuda xfa

  94. Bambi says:

    So disappointed it didn’t work

  95. Patricia says:

    Cant find download for the application I just get a screen that says video calling will be available soon and beside is a video with a man holding a dog

  96. dony adi pribadi says:

    I hope l can use it to contact my family

  97. I wanted to install it but i can’t i tried many times but i couldn’t.. i will be greatful if i am able to install or u can help me do that PLEASE…

  98. NASHY says:


  99. olivia says:

    how do i work the volume for facebook vido chat

  100. ryngie says:


  101. Sameer says:

    I want the facebook vieo chat download

  102. edward arieta says:

    sound problem in vidio calling

  103. Sumie ochiai says:


  104. Albert says:

    So freaking Fanny :-p

  105. Georg says:

    Very cool Post. I like the blank status thing