Facebook Videocalling for Iphone

Posted by: on Nov 22nd, 2013

Facebook has created an application which allows individuals to video chat with others through facebook. This application allows individuals to video chat for free. This application allows an individual to sign right into their facebook account and make video calls with their facebook friends. In order to use facebook video chat an individual must have a facebook account. An individual is able to create a facebook account for free. Once an individual has a facebook account they are able to download this application on their iPhone.

FbHow Post images videochatThe first step to installing facebook video chat on an iPhone is to locate your application store on your iPhone. Once you have went to your application store you would need to go to the search area. In the search area you would need to type in “Facebook Video Chat”, once you have located the application that you want to download, you would need to hit download. The download will go on your home screen; this download can take 2 to 5 minutes.

Once the download is complete click on the icon, then it will come up and you will need to sign into your facebook account. Once you have logged into your facebook account through facebook video chat you are able to begin video chatting. In order to video chat you would need to select the friend that you would like to chat with, and then hit the chat button. Once the chat has began you will be able to see your friend you are video chatting with and they will be able to see you. In order to end video chat you would need to hit end to the video.

Video chat through facebook on the iPhone makes video chatting with families or friends who live in another state possible. The video chat application that can be found in the application store on your iPhone gives long distant relationships a chance, this application make seeing on another possible. Not only is this video chat application on facebook for iPhone free, it is also easy to work. It is important to make sure that this application is updated at all times, if it is not updated then you will not see a call option.


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