Facebook Video Chat Problems – Videochat Not Working

UPDATE: Everyone should be able to download the Facebook Videcalling app. For downloading the Facebook videochat app please visit the link below:


what to do when Facebook video chat not working explanation

If you have problems installing the videcalling app, check out our tutorials on this topic.

A lot of people have contacted me because they can not download the Videocalling App.
Unfortunately I have to tell you that you have to wait. The reason why facebook video chat is not working with some of you is simply that Facebook needs to meassure the server traffic so their servers don´t crash. They are letting in only a few people in each day so they can track everything and open new videocalling slots accordingly.

We have the possibility to inform you whenever new slots are available. If you want us to Inform you whenever new VideoChat Apps are available then subscribe to our notifier here:


If you don´t want to use our service you will have to chat back daily and try your look to download the Facebook Videocaling.

Facebook has announced that in late october every member will have been able to sing up to videochat.

Don´t forgett to be carefull with spam video App´s. Only Download Videocalling from Facebook itself.


10 thoughts on “Facebook Video Chat Problems – Videochat Not Working

  1. omar says:

    Please inform me whenever new VideoChat Apps are available

    1. admin says:

      Please subscribe to our notifier if you want to get the video chat as soon as possible.


  2. Joan says:

    ok thank you,hope that i can have it soon!!!

  3. Alice says:

    No link to the notifier. Is it not available anymore?

  4. dennis says:

    ok hope will solve the problem very soon

  5. porfavor avisen nuevas instalaciones al facebook

  6. meghesh.k.s says:

    i am using apple macbook pro laptop i am not able to download the facebook video calling software pls gice the idea to download the video calling sofware

  7. Firoj Ahmed says:

    I am using apple phone 4gs I can’t open Facebook videcall plz help me

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