Facebook has created an application which allows individuals to video chat with others through facebook. This application allows individuals to video chat for free. This application allows an individual to sign right into their facebook account and make video calls with their facebook friends. In or

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Facebook video calling is a service that allows the social network users to make face to face calls with their friends. To use the service, a user needs to perform a one-time setup to install the Facebook video calling browser plugin on their computer. To perform the initial set up follow these s

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Just recently Facebook has announced efforts to capitalize on the tools that Skype uses with Video Calling. For the first time in the history of Facebook, you can video call any and all of your friends and have a chat. This is going to be a great thing for those who already live on Facebook. I th

UPDATE: Everyone should be able to download the Facebook Videcalling app. For downloading the Facebook videochat app please visit the link below: Facebook.com/videocalling If you have problems installing the videcalling app, check out our tutorials on this topic. A lot of people have contacted

A lot of people want to have the old chat because they donĀ“t like the new chat sidebar. We have found a way how to switch back to the old Facebook chat even though everybody says it is impossible. Follow the steps below to get the old chat back: For Firefox: 1. Download Greasmonkey here... 2