How to Use the Facebook Activity Log

Posted by: on Nov 25th, 2014

Facebook’s Activity Log is essentially a record of everything that you do on the website, plus everything that your friends do that involves you through the use of tagging.

It is a more comprehensive store of everything that you have placed on Facebook than the traditional wall, which tends to prioritise important events and statuses rather than showing absolutely everything, unless otherwise prompted by the user.

To access the Activity Log simply locate the downward pointing arrow at the top right of the screen and click it. You will be presented with a drop down so click ‘Activity Log’ from here.


The Activity Log screen

You will be presented with a screen that shows every interaction you have been involved with on Facebook. This includes:

  • Statuses you have made.
  • Comments you have made.
  • Photographs you have uploaded.
  • Events you have created.

At the moment it is all in one big lump, broken down only by months of the year. However, Facebook offers a number of filtering options in the navigation bar on the left hand side of the screen.


The first section deals with the posts you have made and the posts others have made about you. You are provided with the following filtering options:

  • Your posts – displays anything that you have posted either to your own wall or a friend’s wall.
  • Posts you are tagged in – displays any post that a friend has tagged you in.
  • Posts by other – displays both posts you are tagged in if they were made by other people and posts other people have placed on your wall.


The section underneath ‘Posts’ allows you to break your activity down into even more areas, digging deep into everything that you have done on Facebook.


The initial section provides you with the following filtering options:

  • Photos – displays any photographs that you have added yourself or have been tagged in by others. This can be further filtered down into photos by you or of you.
  • Likes – displays any posts, comments or photos that you have liked, regardless of whose wall they appear on. Again this can be further filtered if you choose.
  • Comments – shows any comment that you have made on either yours or another person’s posts.

You will notice that there is a ‘More’ link underneath this small list. Clicking it unveils a host of other filtering options for practically any activity you can make on Facebook. If you would like to see whose pages or feeds you have unsubscribed from it can be found here, or if you want to see recent searches you have made these can be found too.


Finally there is a section that documents your app usage on the website. Clicking the ‘All Apps’ option will show every interaction you have had with an app of any kind on the site. Clicking the ‘More’ link underneath this option will allow you to break this down further so that you can examine you interaction with each individual app on the list.


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