How To Write An Engaging Facebook Post

Posted by: on May 25th, 2015

Promoting a business, product, or service used to require a lot of printed advertising. Today’s marketing strategy is built around building customer or client relationships through social media and a lesser amount of traditional marketing.


There are no absolutely surefire ways to successfully market your business via social media but small and giant enterprises alike have identified certain elements they consider to be particularly important when posting on social media. The marketing mantra for social media seems to be, “post interesting content, and keep it fresh.”

Let’s look at some of the important posting points recommended by social media marketing “experts.”

  • The KISS (Keep it Short/Simple, Sweetie): in general, people’s attention span is brief (around 8 seconds) and many of your Facebook business page audience members are likely to bail on reading lengthy status updates. So keep your postings to the point without being terse.
  • Exclusivity: if an online-based confectioner reveals the secret ingredients of his or her product’s recipe in a Facebook business posting, the secret ingredients will no longer be a secret, will they? Instead, the confectioner can provide exclusive content that is unavailable anywhere else (think online-only contests, sales, or coupon codes).
  • Engage: the power of social media is in engaging with the people who use it. In your business context, that means engaging with your current and potential customer base. It stands to reason that you will want to craft your posts and content to engage those people.


As you might expect, there is a standard “rule of audience engagement” for your content: 80/20. Ideally, 80 percent of your posted content – articles, news, links, and the like – should be information about your industry or niche that engages audience interest.   The remaining 20 percent should be business content – the self-promotion, sales, and marketing-focused material.

If you have a healthy ratio of subject content to business content, your audience will be more receptive to that smaller portion of posts used to promote your business.

  • Feedback Engagement: another way to engage with your audience is to ask for their feedback. Feedback can give you valuable insight into what your clients or customers want. Surveys are a fairly easy way to generate feedback. Create a survey or poll on your Facebook page.

You can find various survey applications by typing “surveys” in the search box located at the top of the Facebook screen. Then view the apps listed on the left side of the results page.

  • Blog on Your Website/Comment on Your Facebook: Facebook comments are an alternative to standard comment platforms. Try using your Facebook page to leave a comment. As a follow up, you can invite people who like your comment to also like your business page.
  • Incentivize: when you post a comment, occasionally include an incentive, like a free product to the 1st, 12th, 27th person who replies to your status update. This encourages audience engagement in talking about your company.
  • Suspense: suspense also helps build audience/customer engagement so when crafting content, keep in mind some of these “suspense” words identified by the Content Marketing Institute: “revealed,” “promised,” “coming,” and “unveiling.”
  • One Picture is Worth: you’ll be busy keeping your posting content fresh, updated, and geared to your audience interest. Remember to include the occasional photo or video, too.

Update your Facebook postings but don’t overwhelm your audience. Facebook suggests that 1 or 2 status updates per week can help maintain customer interest.

There are many tricks to successfully engaging your audience with your Facebook posts. Give some of the tips mentioned here a try. You’ll probably think of some great ones of your own, too.


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