How to Use Facebook SMS Texting

Posted by: on Jun 6th, 2015

You can make your Facebook social media experience more complete by linking your Facebook account to your smart- or cell phone through Short Message Service (SMS) text messaging.


Now you can update your Facebook status on the go by making a few simple adjustments in your account.



Setting Up Your Facebook Texts


Most mobile carrier services support Facebook texts but check with your carrier before you start your setup.


  1. Click the down icon (located at the top right of any Facebook Page); select “Settings.”
  2. Click on “Mobile.”
  3. Click on “Add a Phone.”
  4. Select your country and carrier service; click on “Next.”
  5. Use your phone to text the letter “F” to 32665 (FBOOK) to receive your confirmation code.

NOTE: your country or carrier code may be different from 32665. Click the drop down menu to find the right number for your area.

  1. Enter the confirmation code and click on “Next.”


Once you have activated your Facebook texts, you can receive and send (SMS) texts via Facebook. By using your FBOOK number, you can accomplish several account updating tasks including updating your status, adding a friend, liking a page, stopping text notifications, and more.


Which Notifications Do You Want?


Facebook text options allow you to choose which actions will trigger texts to send you Notifications. All you need to do is edit your Notifications settings.


  1. Access Notifications Settings (located in “Settings” at the top of your Page).
  2. Choose the texts you want to receive:
    • Comments posted on your Status Updates and Posts.
    • Friend requests sent to you.
    • From friends, only.


When Do You Want to Receive SMS Texts?



Now that you have activated your Facebook texts, you can choose when you want to receive text notifications.


  1. Access the Notifications tab (in your account settings).
  2. Click on “Edit” next to “Text Message.”
  3. Select the hours during which you would like to receive Facebook texts.


Change Phone Numbers and Text


At some point, you may wish to add to, edit, or remove a phone number from your Facebook account. When you already have a mobile number listed on your account:


  1. Click on “Add Another Mobile Phone Number” if you wish to activate another number.
  2. Click on “Remove” to remove any phone numbers already listed on your account (that you no longer wish to remain listed).

NOTE: Facebook also recommends including an email address in your account in case you lose access to your phone.


Adjust Who Can See my Mobile Phone Number


You may not want absolutely everyone of your audience to be able to see the phone number listed on your account. Choose with whom you wish to share it by following these few steps:

  1. Access your Profile.
  2. Click on the “Update Info” button (located under your cover photo).
  3. Locate the “Contact Info” section; click on “Edit.”
  4. Use “Audience Selector” to select those who may see your mobile number.

The Cost?

Happily, some things are free, and Facebook (SMS) texting is a free service. Be aware that your mobile provider’s rates for sending and receiving text messages still apply.

Facebook offers many ways for you to communicate with your audience (and they with you). Texting (SMS) is a quick and easy way to receive text notifications, post content, and connect with your friends.


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