How to Filter Facebook Contents

Posted by: on May 21st, 2015

If you are a prolific Facebook user, you’ve probably discovered the synergistic relationship between lists and filters. Employing filters helps you more effectively direct your posts to appropriate audiences or hide/mute content from a potential nuisance source.


Wherefore to Filter

The reasons for filtering Facebook content pretty much boil down to this: you want to post content on your Facebook page that you may (or may not) want to share with some (but not all) of your Facebook friends.

One of the more basic ways to filter content is to create specific lists of friends. You might create lists for:

  • Local friends
  • Immediate family
  • Extended family
  • Clients
  • Special interests friends
  • School friends

You can choose to include all of your friends on at least one list, and some friends on several lists. Friends lists enable you to share only what you want to share with each list of friends.

Create a specific list of friends by following these steps:

  1. Locate the “Friends” menu by scrolling down the left sidebar.
  2. Place your cursor over “Friends,” “More” should appear. Click on “More.”
  3. Facebook will offer a “list of lists” as suggestions, or you can create your own list.
  4. Click + Create your list and give it a name.
  5. Add all the friends whom you wish to include as members of the list.


Filter Your Posts via Your Facebook Lists

Not everyone in your Facebook network wants or needs to know every detail of your life. This is where your lists become valuable filtering tools.

  1. Go to your Facebook status update space and create your message.
  2. Before hitting Enter, select the “Friends” drop menu (next to the “Post” button). Options including “Friends” and “Public” will appear; they are unfiltered options.
  3. Another available option, “Custom,” will allow only specific groups to see your posts. Select “Custom.”
  4. “Custom” has 2 options – “Share this with,” and “Don’t share this with.”
  5. Select “Share this with” when you want to share with only one specific group of friends; list the group of friends next to this option.
  6. Select “Friends” next to “Share this with” to prevent certain people from seeing your update.
  7. List the people you don’t want to view your post next to the “Don’t share this with” option.

By using these options, you filter/limit who can see the updates you post.

NOTE: that setting becomes the sharing default so be sure you check your list every time you prepare to post.

Hit the Mute Button

There are always friends, family members, or colleagues who share, and share, and share. They are the TMI people who litter your Facebook page with an excess amount of information. Fortunately, there is a filter for that situation, also. It is informally referred to as the mute.

The next time TMI from a specific person pops up in your newsfeed, select the arrow located in the upper right area of that person’s post. A drop menu will appear and you can select “Unfollow (Friend’s Name). You have just added a content-limiting filter for that person’s posts without actually unfriending him or her. Your friend’s posts won’t appear in your newsfeed any more.

You still can view this person’s post by viewing the Friends list that includes your TMI person, or by visiting that person’s page.

Mute is a kinder way of filtering information than sending Please Stop messages or unfriending altogether.

Filtering helps you keep your communications going to the appropriate recipients and cuts down on the excess of incoming information. Maybe it’s time you started filtering and muting for the common good?


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