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Posted by: on May 25th, 2015

Walls are often part of literature and idiomatic language. “Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall.” “The (hand) writing on the wall,” “Hit the wall,” etc. You probably have some “wall talk” too. Only these days, the literal writing on your wall may be what’s posted on your Facebook Wall.

Writing on your Facebook Wall is like a form of sanctioned graffiti. Think about it. You and your Facebook friends post comments, photos, videos, and links on each other’s Walls. And if something unwanted, unexpected, or untoward gets posted on The Wall, it may be put through an electronic version of being painted over (removed).

What’s Your News?

You control the purpose and content of your FB Wall. Posting your personal “graffiti” is fairly straightforward:

  • Decide what content you want to share – a status update, photo, comment, link, or video. Click on the corresponding link.
    • Locate the “Status Update Bar” underneath the “Status” icon. You will see “What’s on your mind?” in the update bar/box.
    • Type a status update in the “What’s on your mind?” box.
    • Add a link, video, or photo if you wish
  • Decide who should receive your update.
    • Locate the audience selector tool beneath the status update (What’s on your mind) block. It has a drop menu with audience selection options.
    • Click on the “Friends” tab and you will see these audience options: “Public,” “Friends,” and “More Options.” Click on your selection.

NOTE: keep in mind that this tool remembers the audience with whom you last shared an update and will automatically select that audience for your next update unless you tell it otherwise.

  • Once your post is prepared and your audience selected, click on “Post” or press the “Enter” key on your computer.
  • You also can send a status update from your mobile phone:
    • Once you have accessed your Facebook News Feed or Timeline from your phone, tap “Status.”
    • Type your update.
    • Add: tag friends, a location, photo, a feeling or an activity if you wish.
    • Select your audience.
    • Tap “Post.”

What’s Posted Can Be Unposted (sort of)

There are several reasons a power Facebook user may want to “unpost” content from his or her Wall. First, that Wall can get pretty cluttered over time and a general cleanup of old content might be in order. Another reason is to remove erroneous or questionable postings.

A post can be hidden or deleted from your Facebook Wall but before you start your Wall cleanup, be aware of these points:

  • If you hide a post that you’ve shared with friends, the post will be removed from your Page’s Timeline, but you’ll still be able to see it in your Page’s “Activity Log.” You can leave the hidden post in your Activity Log and show it again later, or you can permanently delete the post from your Page and your Activity Log.
    • Use your cursor to hover over the unwanted post on your Page’s Timeline.
    • Click the Ú icon in the top right corner of the Timeline.
    • Select “Hide from Page,” or “Delete.”

NOTE: even if you hide a post that was shared with others, it may remain visible to those with whom you shared the post including others’ News Feeds. And it also remains “searchable” by others.

NOTE: photos hidden on your Timeline are still viewable to people who visit your Page’s “Photos” section.

So when your Facebook Wall begins to look like a heavily “graffitied” concrete or brick wall (a wall with many messages and images), consider giving it an electronic whitewashing to refresh it.


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