Pros and Cons of the Facebook Timeline

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At present, millions of people worldwide are using different social networking sites to communicate with distant family, friends and relatives. Among the big leagues of its niche, Facebookis one of the trending social networking sites of today’s era.

The New Facebook Timeline - Problem and New Features

Millions of people are registered to the site and use it on an everyday basis.If you’re one of the millions of fans who use Facebook everyday, you may have heard of Facebooks new profile known as Timeline. Basically, Timeline is a feature that allows an easier means of accessing your past and present data since you’ve registered in the social networking website.

Facebooks new profile has not yet become the standard layout for the site until the last weeks of December, but for people who visit a friend whom has the feature activated, you can update and upgrade your profile.There are several pros of using Timeline. One benefit of Facebooks new profile is intended for business application. It is a great way to provide the user with a graphical header that applies your most recent photos and information to make a wide snapshot into your life. It serves as a memory of the headline attribute of Facebook from the past year you’ve been using Facebook, but rather than text, it is an image or photo that represents the present you.

Another benefit of the feature is that it enables users to highlight their most valued information. For instance, if you’ve won an award or found a link to an inspiring website, you can use Timeline to display it and turn it into a highly prominent piece of information.However, there are also corresponding cons that Facebooks new profile comes in. For people who want to maintain a private account from complete strangers or friends you aren’t really close to, using Timeline will make your life an open book to the public or at least your Facebook friends.

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