Facebook Timeline – Problems and Privacy

Posted by: on Jan 9th, 2012

Con’s of the new Facebook Timeline  facebook´s new profile comes with privacy Problems.

Facebook-Timeline comes with privacy Problems

The new Facebook Timeline is an organized way of showing your Facebook friends all your wall posts, photos and status updates including those from the beginning of all your Facebook entries. It categorizes everything by the year. All events are categorized by the year that it happened. So, let’s say you frequented a particular restaurant in 2008, posted these dates on Facebook posts and then again the following year. All the dates from the very beginning posts on Facebook would show up on this new time line. One might ask, will there be a Facebook Timeline problem that can be identified with this new style..? There are some adjustments that need to be made and some that have already been made to improve any Facebook Timeline problem.

What is negative about this new Facebook Timeline? Could this new style be cause for a Facebook Timeline problem?
There is a 7 day grace period from the time you activate the new timeline and the time it goes live. In that period of time you can make any adjustments to your time line and determine who can see and what they can actually see on your time line. Each of these adjustments needs to be made separately. When looking at the photos, you can adjust what friends you want to view your photos, and this is done individually, and the same for wall posts.

Though you can set a privacy setting, it also depends on how it was set previously on your account settings. So, if you didn’t have something set on private before you would have to go in and change it now to private.

Another problem is, because this is new, there are some differences with the layout that may cause confusion. Confusion leads to problems, leading to rumors of having a Facebook Timeline problem.

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