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Posted by: on Jan 12th, 2012

Pros of Facebook Timeline

New Facebook Timeline Banner

Have you taken advantage of the new Facebook profile feature? Though the new Timeline Facebook feature offers an impressive layout option for its users, there have been recent inquiries by The Electronic Privacy Information Center (Epic) in regards to another possible privacy violation in part of the Herculean social network platform. As far as Facebook is concerned, there is no issue of privacy violation with Timeline.

But on the flip side of the latest privacy controversy, Timeline allows its users to switch to the new layout right away. Timeline’s appeal lies in its tracking capabilities, allowing users to review certain days, weeks, months and even years to reflect on previous activity more easily. You can upload a new picture or add an existing picture to create a “cover” for your new Facebook profile. This feature allows for a more personable profile. The cover acts as a banner directly behind your profile picture. The divided/columned layout allows you to navigate the page with ease.

There are three buttons on the right, directly beneath the cover: Update Info, Activity Log and the “gear”. The Update Info button allows you to update your personal information; the Activity Log button allows you to view recent and past activity, such as posts, likes and images and allows you to edit your settings to control what is viewable by your friends and the public. The gear button has two options: a View As option for you to test the capabilities of the layout by viewing your profile as your friends would view it; and an Add a Badge to Your Site option to inform your site’s visitors to find you on Facebook.

On the left side of the new Facebook profile is the most recent activity. In the right column are older activity log and a “friend” box that displays pictures of random friends. Overall, the new Facebook profile feature includes many other great features. Timeline allows for a refreshing experience that enhances Facebook activity.

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