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Posted by: on Jan 13th, 2012

Facebook remains one of the most used social media sites where people, globally, can interact with one another. Facebook allows people to share thoughts, events, photos, videos and an assortment of other information about ones life with those they have accepted as friends via the portal. This allows people to track what is happening in the lives of everyone on their friend list, even when people life far apart. One of the more recent features to be implemented on Facebook is referred to as the Facebook Timeline.

Facebook New Timeline Profile Explained

The Facebook Timeline feature is graphical in nature and changes the way in which a persons Facebook page is laid out. It tells a story in chronological order by way of showing pictures, posts and comments that are organized in a visual way that allows the eye to read through a persons Facebook story and history.

Launched in December 2011, the Facebook Timeline feature went truly live for all users on December 22, 2011 and changed the way in which Facebook pages appear to others.

The use of Facebook Timeline is not optional, but those who use the feature prefer the way in which their Facebook page appears. The banner at the top of ones page can be any photo and directly underneath a series of pictures help tell your story through the use of the photos you have uploaded to Facebook over time.

As you read down a page formatted in the Facebook Timeline manner, you can see what has been happening in a persons life, and even click on specific years to further catch up with someone you may have grown apart from and are trying to reconnect with.

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