There are some awesome methods to enhance your Facebook Timeline's imagery, so all your buddies will want to check out it more consistently. Customizing your Facebook outline is the coolest idea you can use to keep your social profile updated. Before you do anything else, source your timeline nam

You may have had to go to get-together parties with friends or maybe gone to different vacations and you would love to catch up and relive the moments shared together by sharing the pictures. So instead of having to nag your friends to send them to you, you could create a shared album on Facebook an

Delete a Facebook Post For-Almost-Ever? Oooopppssss – your bad, my bad, their bad, someone’s bad.  Something posted on your Facebook Timeline needs to go.  Whether you are a longtime Facebooker or fairly new to using Facebook, there may come a time when you want to delete a post from your T

Facebook unveiled its "Timeline" redesign for user profiles in late 2011, but the company had been silent on implementing the feature on fan pages until just recently. However, the company has finally unveiled the new design, set of features, and unique capabilities of its new Facebook Timeli

The new Facebook profile has become a popular option for Facebook users. Using the Facebook Timeline option gives users a way to manage what others see of their life and a manner of presenting the most important facets of their life. Featuring a cover picture, new Facebook Timeline privacy settings