Facebook unveiled its "Timeline" redesign for user profiles in late 2011, but the company had been silent on implementing the feature on fan pages until just recently. However, the company has finally unveiled the new design, set of features, and unique capabilities of its new Facebook Timeli

The new Facebook profile has become a popular option for Facebook users. Using the Facebook Timeline option gives users a way to manage what others see of their life and a manner of presenting the most important facets of their life. Featuring a cover picture, new Facebook Timeline privacy settings

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Facebook remains one of the most used social media sites where people, globally, can interact with one another. Facebook allows people to share thoughts, events, photos, videos and an assortment of other information about ones life with those they have accepted as friends via the portal. This allows

Pros of Facebook Timeline Have you taken advantage of the new Facebook profile feature? Though the new Timeline Facebook feature offers an impressive layout option for its users, there have been recent inquiries by The Electronic Privacy Information Center (Epic) in regards to another possible pr