Walls are often part of literature and idiomatic language. “Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall.” “The (hand) writing on the wall,” “Hit the wall,” etc. You probably have some “wall talk” too. Only these days, the literal writing on your wall may be what’s posted on your Facebook Wall.

The new Facebook profile has become a popular option for Facebook users. Using the Facebook Timeline option gives users a way to manage what others see of their life and a manner of presenting the most important facets of their life. Featuring a cover picture, new Facebook Timeline privacy settings

Pros of Facebook TimelineHave you taken advantage of the new Facebook profile feature? Though the new Timeline Facebook feature offers an impressive layout option for its users, there have been recent inquiries by The Electronic Privacy Information Center (Epic) in regards to another possible pr

At present, millions of people worldwide are using different social networking sites to communicate with distant family, friends and relatives. Among the big leagues of its niche, Facebookis one of the trending social networking sites of today's era.Millions of people are registered to the sit