How to Search for Facebook Friends

Posted by: on Jun 6th, 2015

This may seem like one of the more basic activities that absolutely everyone must know about. After all, why do people use Facebook in the first place but to friend and be befriended? Yet if you are new to using Facebook, you might be wondering how one goes about searching for your friends – and inviting them to join you on Facebook.


First, Search!

The first thing to do when searching for your Facebook-using friends is to use Facebook to search for them.


  1. Type the name or email address of one of your friends in the search bar.
  2. If you locate one of your friends, select that person’s name and go to his or her profile.
  3. Click on the “Add Friend” button.

NOTE: the “Add Friend” button may not appear on all people’s profiles depending on how they have arranged their privacy settings.

  1. When a friend accepts your “Add Friend” invitation, that person will be added to your Facebook Friends list.

Friending, One by One

Inviting friends one by one is similar to searching for them. You may invite friends individually by using the “Invite Your Friends” page.

  1. Enter the email address(es) of those individuals you wish to invite.
  2. Add a personal message, if you wish.


Illustration by Jennifer Daniel for Sunday Styles section 05/30/2010

Illustration by Jennifer Daniel for Sunday Styles section 05/30/2010

You may use contact lists from other sources, like your email account or phone list, to help you build your Friends list. Here’s how to import contacts:

  1. Go to your “Friends Requests” page.
  2. Below “Add Personal Contacts,” select the account type from which you want to import contacts (email, phone, etc.).
  3. Enter the required information and finish by clicking “Find Friends.”

If you wish, you may import contacts from your mobile phone:


  1. Tap the “More” icon.
  2. Tap “Find Friends” (in the Apps section).
  3. Tap “Contacts.”
  4. Tap “Find Friends.”

You may complete this process on a feature phone, also:

  1. Click on “Friends” (at the top of your homepage.
  2. Click on “Contents.”
  3. Select the account type from which you want to import contacts.
  4. Enter the required information and finish by clicking on “Find Friends.”

Finding You

Some of your friends may be looking for you. You can make their search easier by following these tips:

  1. Use your real first and last name on your Facebook Account.
  2. If you use a nickname or other name by which your fiends know you (such as a maiden name), add that name to your account, too.
  3. Complete the basic information (hometown, contact information, etc.) so your friends can contact you using their search filters.

The List

Facebook saves a list of the contacts you have imported and the people you’ve invited. Facebook will even send your contacts a gentle reminder to join. You may review this list to see which of your friends have joined and you may also remove contacts or cancel scheduled invitation reminders. Simply click on the “Remove All Your Import Contacts” link.




You can remove contacts from your Facebook list all at once or individually. However, there is no way to retract invitations to join Facebook that have already been sent.


Soon, adding friends (and accepting others’ friend invitations) will seem like second nature to you. All it takes is a little bit of practice.




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