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Most of know at least one person who seems to be constantly rearranging things. They just can’t leave things as they are – furniture, desk accessories, pantry contents, clothes in the closet, etc.Facebook acknowledges the inner rearranger in all of us and has granted us the power to rearrang

They’re loathsome, devious, annoying – and illegal! They are spam messages – and sometimes spam can infiltrate your Facebook account. You know where it starts: less-than-ethical persons use an electronic system to send unsolicited messages (spam) for marketing or nefarious purposes.Unbekno

Not everyone who blogs uses a dedicated blogging platform or website. Perhaps you’ve thought about creating a blog but are a bit shy about such an undertaking, uncertain about audience interest, or reluctant to commit to the effort maintaining an active blog can require.Have you considered cre

You only have a few minutes to spare between flights and you choose to spend them checking your Facebook updates. Whoa – things have been happening while you’ve been traveling and there are a number of items you want to read, review, or respond to more fully but you just don’t have the time. F

Facebook has launched its Call-to-Action button for Pages. Call-to-Action buttons are designed to expand and improve the way people interact with businesses. Businesses see this new function as a powerful way to expand their client/customer conversion rates.What Calls to Action Are Available

You’ve just graduated, landed your first job, moved away from friends and family, and are missing absolutely everyone. Facebook offers you an additional way to stay in touch - you can call your favorite people right from Facebook.Facebook has done a nearly-global rollout of video calling for i

Walls are often part of literature and idiomatic language. “Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall.” “The (hand) writing on the wall,” “Hit the wall,” etc. You probably have some “wall talk” too. Only these days, the literal writing on your wall may be what’s posted on your Facebook Wall.

Promoting a business, product, or service used to require a lot of printed advertising. Today’s marketing strategy is built around building customer or client relationships through social media and a lesser amount of traditional marketing.There are no absolutely surefire ways to successful

As a small business entrepreneur, you know the importance of utilizing social media and have included a social media marketing strategy outline in your business plan. Part of that strategy will be to generate “viral” interest in your product.The term “viral marketing” is often bandie

Facebook photo albums are not just brag books for proud parents who want to show off their two (or four-legged) children.Facebook is one of the world’s largest photo-sharing sites (even surpassing Flicker and Photobucket). Many groups and individuals use Facebook albums to promote various inte