How to Go Mobile with the Facebook

Posted by: on Jun 6th, 2015

While using Facebook on mobile devices is nothing new, mobile Facebook usage is now becoming the norm. The company states that more than 8 of every 10 Facebook users now access their accounts via their mobile device(s).

Not everyone walks around with their eyes glued to the HD microscreen of a mobile device. Here are some interesting points for those who are slower to embrace using Facebook via their smartphones.


How Many Mobile Users?

Just how prevalent is Facebook access on mobile devices? Here are some estimates from industry observers:

  • As of Q4 2014, an estimated 1.19 billion of Facebook’s 1.39 monthly active users were/are mobile users. Some of those users surveyed indicated they also check their Facebook account on PCs, smartphones, and tablets.
  • Almost 84 percent of the 890 million daily Facebook users indicated they are “Facebooking” on a mobile device.
  • Another report indicates that one-half billion Facebook users access the site exclusively from their mobile devices.

What’s Basic?

As a Facebook user, you can use your cell phone’s text messaging to:

  • Send/receive text to your Facebook account.
  • Update status.
  • Post comments on others’ Walls
  • Send messages.
  • Add friends to your network.
  • Interact with some Facebook applications.
  • Upload photos and videos taken with your cellphone (if it supports Multimedia Message Service (MMS) protocols. Of course, there’s a Video app for this; first add it to your account on the tab to your profile page.

Accessing (the Facebook site specifically designed for mobile browsing) will depend on your phone having web browsing capabilities. To upload notes to Facebook, send the message to [email protected]. Photo and video messages must be sent to [email protected]

What’s Changed?

Late in 2014, Facebook launched the mobile platforms version of its Trending feature. The feature is partitioned into sections for Articles, In the Story, Friends and Groups, Near the Scene, and Live Feed.

Facebook also has upgraded its iOS app to provide easier and smoother functions:

  • Check Mark for Messages Seen:   sent and received messages get check marked and time stamped once the recipient views the message.
  • Colorization for Likes: post a Like and the color of the like count now changes to “hyperlink blue,” making it easier to see what you’ve Liked while scrolling through your newsfeed.
  • Instant News Notifications: you now receive an instant notification at the top of the screen each time a new story enters your newsfeed.
  • Faster App: the app speed is significantly improved.

Refining the content you see on you newsfeed has changed, too (on both computer and mobile devices). A list of the top people and pages in your feed now appears on your screen and you can unfollow them with a one-click option.


Mobile Facebook for Every Phone (Almost)

While mobile Facebook favors smartphones, it is possible to access Facebook from many non-smart devices by using the feature, Facebook for Every Phone. That feature can be accessed through from your feature phone. However, contact your mobile carrier first, to ask if your phone supports Java. If it does not, your mobile device will not be able to successfully interact with Facebook.

Be aware that at the present time, Facebook mobile still is a more streamlined version of Facebook for computers but you are able to access and utilize the most important features like chatting, messaging, and posting.

So if you find you simply cannot wait to get to your PC to access your Facebook account, turn to your trusty mobile phone – as over 84 percent of Facebook’s daily users do.


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