How to download video from Facebook?

Posted by: on Feb 10th, 2016

Looking for the best Facebook video downloader? Want to download and save your favorite Facebook videos on your PC/MAC IPhone or Android device? Let me show you the top 3 video downloader apps for Facebook Videos and save yourself from the hustle to search between thousands of options that are available on the internet.

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Why would I download a video from Facebook?

We all know the annoying feeling when you watched a great video on Facebook and you try to find it later to show it to someone but you can´t find it anymore. Sometimes you want to show your friends a Facebook video but you have no internet connection at this time. The “Save Facebook Video” option in Facebook doesn’t help here. You need to be able to store the Facebook video locally on your mobile phone or computer.

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How to find the best FREE Facebook video downloader?


If you want to download a Facebook video to your computer / PC or Mac, there are numerous web services you can use. We listed the top 3 web based services for Facebook video downloader in this article.

Also you can find installable programs for your computer that can download a Facebook video for you.

If you want to download a Facebook video to your mobile phone, things get a bit trickier. There are more than 1000 Apps for downloading Facebook on Facebook play store and iTunes app store

Not all the Facebook video downloader apps keep their promises and most of the lack an intuitive user interface. We listed the Top 3 Facebook video downloading apps for both iOS and Android below.

Is it illegal to download videos from Facebook?

A major concern with downloading Facebook video is the ease with which you can fall foul of copyright protection. You might think it’s okay to download commercially available music or video for free, but media companies are not in the business of giving away their goods for free – and rightly so. The more people who follow your thinking, the less money they make, and the less money is awarded to the original content creators – often ordinary people struggling to make ends meet, just like you and me, who have spent both time and effort producing that content.

Facebook is hot on piracy. It encourages users to draw its attention to any videos that breach copyright and, where a video uses a soundtrack or other element owned by another person or company, it will award the original content creator any credit that arises from it.

We won’t go into depth over the ins and outs of online piracy here, suffice to say that in order to stay on the right side of the law, any content you do download from the web, for which you do not own the copyright, must be for your personal use only. You must not distribute or financially benefit from that content. It must also come with the express permission of the copyright owner.

The key points to determine the best Video Downloader


To determine which one the best service, app or program is for your needs we rated them based on 4 simple points:

  • Speed
  • Usability
  • Accessibility
  • Price

U can read the in-depth review of all options to download Facebook videos here or you can continue this article to just see the top 3 for every device.


The best 3 Facebook video Downloader


Best App for android to download a Facebook Video

There a plenty of apps for downloading Facebook videos on the Facebook play store. We tested almost 40 apps for you and picked the best one for every user. The Facebook video download app for android which performed the best is: Video Downloader for Facebook

Video Downloader for Facebook was not only the easiest to install and setup. I worked also very reliable and fast. Even bigger size videos over 20 Minutes long could be downloaded seaming Lesly.

The user interface is very intuitive and cut down to only the necessary functions. No distractions and straight to the point dashboard.

After downloading the app, just signing with Facebook and start browsing the newsfeed for videos you want to download.

When you find a video you want to download, klick the button on the bottom of the app and choose “Download Video”

The download will start immediately in depending the size and length of the video you will have the file on your phone very fast.

The app is reliable, simple, fast and easy to use.

For Android, download it here:

Best App for IOS to download a Facebook Video

The best service to download a video from Facebook to your Computer








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