How to Use Facebook Video Calling

Posted by: on Jun 6th, 2015

You’ve just graduated, landed your first job, moved away from friends and family, and are missing absolutely everyone. Facebook offers you an additional way to stay in touch – you can call your favorite people right from Facebook.

Facebook has done a nearly-global rollout of video calling for iOS and Android users (just a few countries remain temporarily out of the loop).


About Facebook Video Calling

This communication system is based on you and your friend/family members both having camera and microphone setups. If you do, you can see and hear each other via Facebook video calling in real time. And you can turn your call into a voice-only call at any time by hitting mute or shutting off your phone’s camera.

You can keep track of the time and date of each call you make (in your ongoing message history) with each friend. (NOTE: the actual calls are not recorded or saved.)

And if you really must multi-task during your video call, go right ahead. You can chat and use many of Facebook’s other features during your video call.

Using Video Calling

The video calling setup is really pretty basic. Here’s how you start a video call:

  1. Access your account and open a chat window with a friend.
  2. Click on the video camera icon (located in the top right corner).
  3. If your friend isn’t available to take your video call, the icon will be grayed out; the message, “[Name] is currently unavailable for video calling,” will be displayed.

You can always check whether or not your friend or family member is available to receive a video call:

  1. Hover over the video camera (in the top right corner of your chat window). If your friend is available, you will see a message saying, “Start video call with [Name}.”

‘Nuff Said


When you are ready to end your video call:

  1. Close the video window or click on the red phone icon to end your call.

Calling by Computer Camera

Video calling can be done using a computer camera but it won’t be the full FB video camera experience. You will be able to see and hear your friends or family on the call, but they will only be able to hear you.

I Want to Make a Voice-Only Call

Despite the pleasure or value of (almost) face-to-face calls, there are times when you just don’t want to see or be seen on a call. You may use the FB video calling feature in voice-only mode:

  1. Locate and click the video camera icon at the bottom of the screen. This will turn off your camera. Notice that you may mute the conversation or end the call by clicking on one of these icons, too.

No, Thank You

There are some of you who simply don’t want to utilize the FB video calling function at all, ever. And Facebook accepts your decision. You may uninstall the video calling plugin from your Windows computer by following these simple steps:

  1. Go to your computer’s Control Panel.
  2. Click on Programs and Features and then on Uninstall or Change a Program.
  3. Locate the Facebook Video Calling Plan from the list of programs; click “Uninstall.”

NOTE: to uninstall video calling from Mac OS X, simply search for the FacebookVideoCalling file and delete it.

Facebook’s video calling does have one particular limitation – you cannot make multiple or group video calls at the present time. Otherwise, it is a simple and easy way for you and your Facebook-using friends and family members to enjoy one-on-one video communication with each other.


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