How to Avoid Facebook Notifications and Subscriptions

Posted by: on Jun 6th, 2015

Facebook users have so many options and opportunities built into their accounts. Among the options are Notifications and Subscriptions.

Be the First to Know

As Facebook says, “Be the first to know…” Immediate Notifications let you know that your friends, colleagues, clients, or customers, have tagged a photo or posting that has been placed on your Facebook (FB) Wall.

In your Facebook account, you can adjust the settings to receive notifications in these ways:


  • Email
  • Push notifications on your phone
  • Group notifications
  • App requests, notifications
  • Notifications from close friends
  • Events notifications
  • Pop-up notifications



Notifications are also somewhat “pliable” in that you can modify some of them to:


  • Change the email address to which your notifications are forwarded
  • Create an RSS Feed for your Facebook notifications
  • Edit your group notification settings
  • Activate notifications for the friends or people and Pages you wish to follow
  • Turn off notification sounds


You can be alerted to incoming notifications by these methods:


  • Red alert notifications appear in the top right corner on any page of your Facebook. Each new notification triggers a red bubble to appear. The number of new notifications you have received appears in the red bubble.
  • The friend request also shows a red alert with the number of friending requests.


What is activated can be de-activated. If you want to opt out of receiving invitation or reminder emails, you return to your notification settings and edit them to suit your new needs and interests. (You may also want to follow the unsubscribe link instructions that appear at the bottom of email messages from Facebook.)



Something Fishy/Phishy?


If you receive any email message asking for your FB password, don’t respond to that message! Send it to the Spam bin and let it languish there for the 30-day period, after which it will be collected by your email service provider and processed for potential lockout.

Facebook Subscription Buttons


See something or someone on your FB Newsfeed that you want to follow? Facebook Subscribe enables you to receive public posts from your favorite blogger, artist, musician, author, or pundit in your Newsfeed.


The latest buzz is the Facebook Subscribe button that enables you to receive updates to your favorite band’s local-to-you concerts and events. Facebook has added an events Subscribe button (just below the Like button) to the Events section of all desktop and mobile Pages.


Here’s how it works. Look at the Events page of your favorite musician and locate the Subscribe button on the Page. Click on the Subscribe button and you will receive notification when that artist schedules an event near you.


In addition to the subscriptions of people you choose to follow, Facebook also offers recommendations (found in the “People to Subscribe to” section in the right column of your Home page).


Look to an increasing number of bands, local businesses, sports teams and other organizations to utilize this information and promotion function for IRL get-togethers.


Overwhelmment Avoidance


Just because you can receive notifications and subscriptions doesn’t mean you have to be inundated by an excess amount of communications after the novelty of these services has worn off. Managing your notifications and subscriptions is much like it was in The Good Old Days when you cut back on your printed magazine subscriptions because you weren’t reading half of what you subscribe to.


Enjoy the Facebook notifications and Subscribe functions but don’t let them overwhelm you. Periodically review each and decide which content and information you consistently follow or put to good use (and what you don’t enjoy or use). Then consider eliminating some of the notifications and subscribes that you really don’t pay attention to.


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