Facebook has created an application which allows individuals to video chat with others through facebook. This application allows individuals to video chat for free. This application allows an individual to sign right into their facebook account and make video calls with their facebook friends. In or

Facebook videocalling is a service that allows the social network users to make face to face calls with their friends. To use the service, a user needs to perform a one-time setup to install the Facebook videocalling browser plugin on their computer.To perform the initial set up follow these

Just recently Facebook has announced efforts to capitalize on the tools that Skype uses with Video Calling. For the first time in the history of Facebook, you can video call any and all of your friends and have a chat.This is going to be a great thing for those who already live on Facebook. I th

If you are also anoyed by the new Facebook Chat sidebar we have a little trick that will help you to see all your online friends again.For Firefox:Open Firefox and Press CTRL+SHIFT+B to open your bookmarks. Got ot "Organize Bookmarks" --> Ad a new Bookmark and enter the following a

Today we need to warn you about a new spam application that is pretending to be Facebooks Video Chat App but in the end comes out to be a full spam application.This particular scam doesn't use the actual Facebook video service but it certainly is trying to ride the media coattails and attention

CityVille is one of the fastest growing Facebook games ever. At the moment it has over 70 million players and it hasn't even been up for long.Just like Farmville, this game is addictive and fun. However, making cash and 'energy' is hard and tedious if you don't know what you're doing. Many peopl

Some people experience sound problems while using Facebook video chat. Either the don't hear their chat partners or vice versa.Take a look at the picture below : (source: yahoo news)İf your sound on Facebook video chat does not work you should try this:As you can see there are 2 setting

Today the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, introduced the new application on Facebook which was launched in cooperation with Skype: The Facebook Video Chat.At 10 PM Mark Zuckerg appeard, a little late, infront of the whole world to anounce his "Awesome Launch" . About 50.000 people watched the

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To chat with your friends on Facebook with the new videocalling appl you need to first visit this Link :http://www.facebook.com/videocallingDownload the Facebook videochat App and restart your browser.You should now see a new Icon in your chat windows and also on your friends pages which loo