Facebook provides users with plenty of methods to interact with those on their Friends List, with Event creation and management being one of the most useful. This feature allows the user to create an event listing that can then be sent to their friends they choose to invite. It is great for organisi

As the world of social media has grown, companies that fall within the market are beginning to allow users to create links between their various profiles where previously they had attempted to keep them away from other platforms.Twitter and Facebook are no different. There now exists an applicat

Back in 2010, Facebook introduced a new feature for users that would allow them to download a complete archive of everything that they had placed onto Facebook up to that particular point in time. This would allow users to create a copy of everything they had published onto Facebook, making looking

For a number of years developers have been able to use Facebook to develop applications for the users of the site. You may already be aware of some of these apps, with games such as Candy Crush Saga and Farm Heroes Saga being quite prominent both on Facebook and in the public mind-set.These appl

You might be a new or regular facebook user. Yes you might be already acquainted with the common facebook stuff that includes deleting, blocking, accepting friend requests and even sending friend requests. You might be familiar too with how to search for pages, friends and even posts. You might also

Facebook is sure a good place to advertise your fan page and get thousands of followers with appropriate and focused endeavors. It's not so much hard as methodical; if you commit yourself to frequently following through on making more fans and keeping them updated always, then you'll find your fan b

Have you been forgetting to send a message to a client or your fans and you wish to be doing so regularly? Are you tired of sending the same message to facebook users but you still can’t stop doing so because it is very important to your business? Well you can now save your time and enjoy a good s

Besides posting links to songs and video clips elsewhere on the Internet, you can also post your own music to Facebook. Sharing your unique music isn't just a fun way to keep in touch with buddies. It's also an excellent way for performers to advertise their work to an incredible number of Facebook

Layouts now are available under your cover picture in a place of your Facebook page known as 'Views & Applications,' which can be extended by simply clicking the red pointer on the far right. You can definitely single out some organization that successfully uses customized tabs (make sure to flo

Nobody prefers remembering several security passwords, or encountering the same information again and again especially during log-ins. Therefore, most sites and applications let you log in with your Facebook account. Many of us fear about this process however, because you're possibly giving away a l