This may seem like one of the more basic activities that absolutely everyone must know about. After all, why do people use Facebook in the first place but to friend and be befriended? Yet if you are new to using Facebook, you might be wondering how one goes about searching for your friends – and i

Facebook has launched its Call-to-Action button for Pages. Call-to-Action buttons are designed to expand and improve the way people interact with businesses. Businesses see this new function as a powerful way to expand their client/customer conversion rates.What Calls to Action Are Available

You only have a few minutes to spare between flights and you choose to spend them checking your Facebook updates. Whoa – things have been happening while you’ve been traveling and there are a number of items you want to read, review, or respond to more fully but you just don’t have the time. F

They’re loathsome, devious, annoying – and illegal! They are spam messages – and sometimes spam can infiltrate your Facebook account. You know where it starts: less-than-ethical persons use an electronic system to send unsolicited messages (spam) for marketing or nefarious purposes.Unbekno

In pre-Facebook times, friends usually were those people with whom you had face-to-face interaction.   Friendships now seem to be measured by the number of friend requests received and accepted. In all likelihood, the majority of those friends are people who will never engage in face-to-face time

This is a collection of the most unbelivable Selfies you have ever seen. Some of the are really funny others are brutally shocking!!It is by far the crasiest collection of selfies taken in unbeliveable circumstances and akward moments. Make sure to look twice to see what is going on in the backg

When you are having great times with your buddies, it is usually the case that you would snap a great many pictures with friends or maybe shoot a fun video while on vacation. You may also want to be able to discuss and share widely with others and as such, the Facebook picture and video upload via M

Seriously, This is HILLARIOUS! But here comes the 100% real proof and reason why women live longer than man. Sometime we ask our selves, why do women tend to live longer then men? Well besides some basic medical reasons, there is also the factor of stupidity. I bet you know what I mean, if not: Che

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This is really a Heartwarming Story.Watch this young man doing good deeds every day. Without expecting anything in exchange. What he get´s out of it you ask ? EMOTIONS !Don´t forgett to share this video with your loved ones. You will make them happy for today. //Post by FbHow.&

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This is what happens if you treat Apes inequal. (FUNNY)Two apes are given the same task. As a reward, one gets a grape and the other gets a cucumber. When the Ape hat gets the cucumber recognises, that the other ape gets a, in his eyes, better treat, he freaks out. Here is the f