Walls are often part of literature and idiomatic language. “Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall.” “The (hand) writing on the wall,” “Hit the wall,” etc. You probably have some “wall talk” too. Only these days, the literal writing on your wall may be what’s posted on your Facebook Wall.

Groups differ from regular Facebook pages as they can be centred on a particular theme, such as a favourite sports team or videogame, and will generally be focused solely on updates relating to that theme.They allow for easy connection of people who share a particular interest and, in many cases

This step by step guide will show you the only way how to really retrieve deleted Facebook Messages. If you follow those simple steps you will always be in control of your profile and all your private information including deleted Facebook messages.The truth about deleted Facebook messages M

For many Facebook users, ensuring that your information remains private to the level that you are comfortable with is extremely important. Many are not comfortable with their information and photographs being shared with just any users of the website, which is where privacy settings come in.

While making a friend request, or accepting one for that matter, is extremely easy on Facebook there are other functionalities related to your friends list that you may not be aware of.For example, Facebook provides you with the ability to group your friends based on different categorisations. I

Facebook’s Activity Log is essentially a record of everything that you do on the website, plus everything that your friends do that involves you through the use of tagging.It is a more comprehensive store of everything that you have placed on Facebook than the traditional wall, which tends to

Facebook provides users with plenty of methods to interact with those on their Friends List, with Event creation and management being one of the most useful. This feature allows the user to create an event listing that can then be sent to their friends they choose to invite. It is great for organisi

Back in 2010, Facebook introduced a new feature for users that would allow them to download a complete archive of everything that they had placed onto Facebook up to that particular point in time. This would allow users to create a copy of everything they had published onto Facebook, making looking

Learn how to Retrieve Deleted Facebook Messages. If you want to Retrieve Deleted Facebook Messages on Ipad or Mobile device you need to enter your facebook account through the browser of your device. UPDATE: NEW ARTICLE ON HOW TO RETRIVE FACEBOOK MESSAGES 2014: >>>>Retrieve deleted fac

You might be a new or regular facebook user. Yes you might be already acquainted with the common facebook stuff that includes deleting, blocking, accepting friend requests and even sending friend requests. You might be familiar too with how to search for pages, friends and even posts. You might also