This step by step guide will show you the only way how to really retrieve deleted Facebook Messages. If you follow those simple steps you will always be in control of your profile and all your private information including deleted Facebook messages.The truth about deleted Facebook messages M

If you reach a point where you no longer wish to use the services provided by Facebook, the website provides you with the option to either deactivate or delete your account.The difference between the two is simple. Deactivation means that you are essentially placing your account on standby. It w

For many Facebook users, ensuring that your information remains private to the level that you are comfortable with is extremely important. Many are not comfortable with their information and photographs being shared with just any users of the website, which is where privacy settings come in.

Back in 2010, Facebook introduced a new feature for users that would allow them to download a complete archive of everything that they had placed onto Facebook up to that particular point in time. This would allow users to create a copy of everything they had published onto Facebook, making looking

Learn how to Retrieve Deleted Facebook Messages. If you want to Retrieve Deleted Facebook Messages on Ipad or Mobile device you need to enter your facebook account through the browser of your device. UPDATE: NEW ARTICLE ON HOW TO RETRIVE FACEBOOK MESSAGES 2014: >>>>Retrieve deleted fac

It is no doubt that Facebook is the largest social network we have today. While it contains a number of great designs and settings, it is not completely adjustable to most people wishes and likes; considering everyone has his or her own likes. Due to this lack of streamlining, more people have come

Have you ever wondered how it would feel if all your facebook activities were published and given to your friends for reviewing? Well, not all of us have a perfect record of facebook activities. There are those posts that you wish you never posted comments that you would never want anyone to see or

There are some posts, videos and photos that only you and your closest friends can lay eyes on and share on Facebook. However, if you just post and tag them, all your friends and your friend’s friends will definitely have access to them which might be embarrassing or inappropriate according to the

It is very common in any social network that every now and then you are making friends and at the same time losing some. On the same note, Facebook friends also in the same instance make friends and lose some and in one time or another you will be a victim of a friend unfriending you. Although Faceb

Facebook has become one of the major platforms where hackers and potential identity thieves lay their strategies on. How could you ensure that you data and private information is safe? How do you ensure that everything you share on Facebook goes only to the intended audience? How do you ensure that