Looking for the best Facebook video downloader? Want to download and save your favorite Facebook videos on your PC/MAC IPhone or Android device? Let me show you the top 3 video downloader apps for Facebook Videos and save yourself from the hustle to search between thousands of options that are avail

While using Facebook on mobile devices is nothing new, mobile Facebook usage is now becoming the norm. The company states that more than 8 of every 10 Facebook users now access their accounts via their mobile device(s).Not everyone walks around with their eyes glued to the HD microscreen of a mo

Groups differ from regular Facebook pages as they can be centred on a particular theme, such as a favourite sports team or videogame, and will generally be focused solely on updates relating to that theme.They allow for easy connection of people who share a particular interest and, in many cases

This step by step guide will show you the only way how to really retrieve deleted Facebook Messages. If you follow those simple steps you will always be in control of your profile and all your private information including deleted Facebook messages.The truth about deleted Facebook messages M

According to BBC Facebook Messenger has now reached a stunning 500 Million users.  Either You like it or You hate it. Facebook’s Messenger app was literally forced upon everyone in August when the company stopped allowing users to access their messages within the main Facebook app on

The hashtag-- #Lately Facebook provided a hash-tag operation to its system. Let´s take a moment to understand how to use and make use of them as an efficient socialization tool.Facebook announced that it lately incorporated hashtags as a way of offering conversations about group actions, pe

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Delete a Facebook Post For-Almost-Ever?Oooopppssss – your bad, my bad, their bad, someone’s bad.  Something posted on your Facebook Timeline needs to go.  Whether you are a longtime Facebooker or fairly new to using Facebook, there may come a time when you want to delete a post from your T

Facebook Groups – Our Internet TribesYou’ve been mastering the basics of posting messages, photos, and other stuff of interest on your Facebook Timeline.  Have you noticed something growing (besides the number of posts)?  Maybe it’s a group in the making. You may have noticed that a lot

Your Facebook Privacy Settings are Set in Stone, Right? Plink, plink – plink, plink.  That’s right. I’m tapping the internet screen of your brain.  Remember our talk about Facebook privacy settings?  OK, let’s try it, again.The privacy Rules of Facebook are confusing

You may love your social media connections and feel comfortable posting absolutely anything on your Facebook page.  You freely share your thoughts, witticisms, pictures, even your deepest darkest secrets in a very public forum like Facebook.  You don’t worry about unwanted access because you set