Facebook users have so many options and opportunities built into their accounts. Among the options are Notifications and Subscriptions.Be the First to KnowAs Facebook says, “Be the first to know…” Immediate Notifications let you know that your friends, colleagues, clients, or customers

Notifications. Some Facebook (FB) users love them and others intensely dislike them. What about you?Notifications are the way Facebook lets you immediately know when someone is sharing something new with you. The new posting, video, link, or photo is always available on your home page or by clic

Unsubscribing from a business Facebook page and deactivating your Facebook account aren’t directly related actions. Each task is separate from the other although unsubscribing or deactivation brings a Facebook relationship to a temporary or permanent end.When You Need to UnsubscribeAlt

You’ve just graduated, landed your first job, moved away from friends and family, and are missing absolutely everyone. Facebook offers you an additional way to stay in touch - you can call your favorite people right from Facebook.Facebook has done a nearly-global rollout of video calling for i

Not everyone who blogs uses a dedicated blogging platform or website. Perhaps you’ve thought about creating a blog but are a bit shy about such an undertaking, uncertain about audience interest, or reluctant to commit to the effort maintaining an active blog can require.Have you considered cre

Most of know at least one person who seems to be constantly rearranging things. They just can’t leave things as they are – furniture, desk accessories, pantry contents, clothes in the closet, etc.Facebook acknowledges the inner rearranger in all of us and has granted us the power to rearrang

This step by step guide will show you the only way how to really retrieve deleted Facebook Messages. If you follow those simple steps you will always be in control of your profile and all your private information including deleted Facebook messages.The truth about deleted Facebook messages M

Back in 2010, Facebook introduced a new feature for users that would allow them to download a complete archive of everything that they had placed onto Facebook up to that particular point in time. This would allow users to create a copy of everything they had published onto Facebook, making looking

This is a collection of the most unbelivable Selfies you have ever seen. Some of the are really funny others are brutally shocking!!It is by far the crasiest collection of selfies taken in unbeliveable circumstances and akward moments. Make sure to look twice to see what is going on in the backg

Learn how to Retrieve Deleted Facebook Messages. If you want to Retrieve Deleted Facebook Messages on Ipad or Mobile device you need to enter your facebook account through the browser of your device. UPDATE: NEW ARTICLE ON HOW TO RETRIVE FACEBOOK MESSAGES 2014: >>>>Retrieve deleted fac