Facebook users have so many options and opportunities built into their accounts. Among the options are Notifications and Subscriptions.Be the First to KnowAs Facebook says, “Be the first to know…” Immediate Notifications let you know that your friends, colleagues, clients, or customers

This may seem like one of the more basic activities that absolutely everyone must know about. After all, why do people use Facebook in the first place but to friend and be befriended? Yet if you are new to using Facebook, you might be wondering how one goes about searching for your friends – and i

What’s your late-breaking news? Graduation, an engagement, a campaign or a fund-raiser? Chances are that you’re sharing and receiving your news on your Facebook Page’s News Feed.The Facebook News Feed serves a multiple of functions. It displays:Status updates Photos and videos Lin

Notifications. Some Facebook (FB) users love them and others intensely dislike them. What about you?Notifications are the way Facebook lets you immediately know when someone is sharing something new with you. The new posting, video, link, or photo is always available on your home page or by clic

You can make your Facebook social media experience more complete by linking your Facebook account to your smart- or cell phone through Short Message Service (SMS) text messaging. Now you can update your Facebook status on the go by making a few simple adjustments in your account.

While using Facebook on mobile devices is nothing new, mobile Facebook usage is now becoming the norm. The company states that more than 8 of every 10 Facebook users now access their accounts via their mobile device(s).Not everyone walks around with their eyes glued to the HD microscreen of a mo

Unsubscribing from a business Facebook page and deactivating your Facebook account aren’t directly related actions. Each task is separate from the other although unsubscribing or deactivation brings a Facebook relationship to a temporary or permanent end.When You Need to UnsubscribeAlt

Perhaps it’s a slight exaggeration, but there seems to be an app for nearly everything these days. And many apps can be downloaded to your Facebook account.Apps Make Things HappenApplications, informally called apps, are small programs that make things happen in your Facebook (FB) envi

In pre-Facebook times, friends usually were those people with whom you had face-to-face interaction.   Friendships now seem to be measured by the number of friend requests received and accepted. In all likelihood, the majority of those friends are people who will never engage in face-to-face time

Most of know at least one person who seems to be constantly rearranging things. They just can’t leave things as they are – furniture, desk accessories, pantry contents, clothes in the closet, etc.Facebook acknowledges the inner rearranger in all of us and has granted us the power to rearrang