How to Use Facebook Apps

Posted by: on Jun 6th, 2015

Perhaps it’s a slight exaggeration, but there seems to be an app for nearly everything these days. And many apps can be downloaded to your Facebook account.


Apps Make Things Happen

Applications, informally called apps, are small programs that make things happen in your Facebook (FB) environment. When you upload photos, post your status, create a group or event, you’ve used a series of behind-the-scenes apps that seamlessly accomplish those tasks.

Apps for Fun

Many apps are designed to enhance your FB experience. These typically are third-party applications (apps written by individuals or companies other than FB) that are downloadables to your FB account.

Games apps are very popular and there are many from which to choose, including these:

  • Texas HoldEm Poker
  • Candy Crush Saga
  • Tetris
  • Pyramid Solitaire Saga

Users also can type a description or name in FB search and locate apps for other subjects and interests. For instance, type “genealogy” in the FB search bar and the search results may include apps like these:


  • Family Tree
  • I Remember
  • We’re Related



Apps for Business


Many apps designed for use on Facebook are intended solely for entertainment purposes. There also are many third-party apps designed for non-entertainment.


Some not-for-profit organizations include a downloadable app on their websites. A supporter can download the organization’s app into his or her FB account and receive updates and notifications of events.


Many businesses establish client/customer relationships through company Facebook business pages. Apps are an increasingly important marketing and branding tool for these organizations. Using third-party apps increases page appeal to target audiences and adds user experience value. This, in turn, draws more interactive visitors to their FB pages and increases viewer awareness of the business.


Consider some of these business-enhancing apps:


  • Heyo enables customization of FB business pages to include contests, promotions, and deals.
  • North Social offers 19 FB applications for creating great fan experiences and increased engagement.
  • Tabsite enables businesses to build FB tabs on their business pages for deals, sweepstakes, contests, reviews, etc.


Add, Use, Organize, Discard

FB users can use as many apps as they like. Browse Facebook’s Application Directory or download apps from some of your favorite websites. (Some websites will invite you to download their apps, too.)


Download apps that seem interesting to you and give each a test drive. Keep those apps that you enjoy using or are helpful to you and discard the others.


Please be aware of these apps-related requirements and risks:

  • Some apps publish your app-related activities on your news feed and profile page. This is an apps-promoting function over which you may have no control.
  • When you download an app, you also give it access to your profile (you have no choice if you wish to download most apps). The app accesses your information and your friends’ information.

NOTE: not all apps require profile information, but most do.

If you are concerned about allowing access, you may not want to include very much personal information on your FB pages and you may not want to download third-party apps. You can control some of the information shared by accessing the FB Applications Setting page and selecting the apps-related privacy settings you wish to implement including Do not share and Don’t allow options.


Like many other Facebook-based activities, it’s up to you to monitor what you download and the information you allow access to. Apps can give you hours of entertainment, help you stay informed on organizations and activities that interest you, and also help you build or expand your business.


After all, there’s an app for nearly everything!


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